Pavement Illumination

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Pavement Illumination
Visibility is the most important aspect in the field of transportation and its safety. Lack of visibility causes mishaps and often causes fatalities. To reduce such incident various method of markings, barriers and lightning and traffic signal are installed on road to insure safety, but out of all these, it is ignored in some places and might not even be present in worst-case scenario.

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Reflective roadway markings used on road are only functional when light hits the surface of it and gets reflected. Thus visibility during night depends on the light through the vehicle and could only be present up to a limited distance.

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Photoluminescence pigment absorbs and stores light energy of sunlight or any light emitting source and emits light out in dark place. The marking material emits light not only in night but also in day time by being compounded with the phosphorescent pigment.

Project Description:

The illumination of light by absorbing light during day and emitting in night is based on the concept of chromophore effect. Chromophore is the part of molecule responsible for the color.

The chromophore is a region in the molecule where the energy difference between two separate molecular orbitals falls within the range of the visible spectrum. Light that hits the chromophore can thus be absorbed by exciting an electron from its ground state into an excited state.

Materials required:

  1. Strontium aluminate
  2. Titanium dioxide
  3. Polyurathane (Resin)


  1. Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone
  2. Ethyl Celloslove

Project Implementation:

  1. Take 50gms of titanium dioxide & 2.5gms of strontium aluminate solution mix it thoroughly.
  2. Then add 50ml of ethyl cellosolve solvent in china dish about 10 minutes.
  3. Take PU resin of 50 ml which consists of hardener (10 ml) & base (40ml) add to above mixture.
  4. Stir the sample about 30 minutes.
  5. Apply on pavement or card board ,leave it for one day for test results.
Kit required to develop Pavement Illumination:
Technologies you will learn by working on Pavement Illumination:

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