Latest Projects Based on Mysql

The following projects are based on mysql. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using mysql.

1. Online Job Portal using Python and SQL database

Online Job Portal using Python and SQL database

Online Job portal is a platform where a job-seeking employee comes to find his targeted job and apply for it if liked. Then track his job application.

The job details and description is added, updated and maintained by the employer of the company. Employer scrutinizes the job applications received, update the status of the application and then call the respective candidates for interviews.  There is another entity that plays the main role in keeping up the job portal on the internet that is portal admin. Admin is responsible for maintaining the website is well and good condition and available live for all the time. Admin also has the right to insert, update or delete the jobs.

2. Blood Donation management system

Blood Donation management system

Project Objective

The Blood Donation Management System venture is customized so as to support people or patients who are looking for blood at a specific area. This .Net venture is planned so that it keeps point by point data just as independent data of the considerable number of areas where the blood is available and what sort of blood is available and in how much amount.

3. E-Auction JAVA Project

E-Auction JAVA Project


E-Auction is a web application created in java. E-Auction gives a commercial center which encourages purchasing items, for example, gadgets, furniture, household goods, bicycles, and vehicles and so on. This application empowers clients to purchase the merchandise by making quick and simple for anybody to post all the details of the item on the application.

4. Appointment Management system using JAVA

Appointment Management system using JAVA


Online Clinic Appointment System is the appointment system created utilizing PHP and MySQL. The task title is given a 24X7 Clinic system where patients can take an appointment through online and track their records through it. 24X7 Clinic system is an online application which covers all parts of management and tasks of facilities. This site covers Doctors profile, Patients profile, Online appointments, Patient treatment reports, Prescription report, billings, Clinical tests, and so forth.

5. Project on Developing an E-Commerce Website

Project on Developing an E-Commerce Website

Our E-trade venture isolates into two primary parts; the initial segment is the making of dynamic E-business web destinations and overseeing them through our web website. The second part is shopping transactions that permit organization proprietors, who we make an E-business web website, to sell their items through our web webpage. This should be possible by demonstrating their items to customers and afterwards, buyers can play out all shopping procedures.

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6. Medical Shop Management

Medical Shop Management

Medical shop management project is done to do automation in the medical shop. Its main emphasis is on generating regularly bills to medicine buyers. This software maintains routine records of buyers along with their details. As by doing all this work manually incur the cost, checking the expiration date of medicine is quite a tricky task. With the help of this online system, all the details regarding medicines are easily checkout with just one click.

7. Hospital Finder

Hospital Finder

In this ever increasing era of diseases humans are dying on a regular basis due to lack of solution of how to get cured. With the expansion in the types of disease people are really becoming confused day by day where to find the best cure or which doctor to consult or which hospital to visit for the best possible result. To cure this problem the developers with the help of the coding language “Python” have coded a website for the masses to live in peace. “Hospital finder” is a boon for the suffering people. 

8. Online Rental House Web Portal

Online Rental House Web Portal

Home is a place where people can return. Home means a place of comfort, pleasure and desired atmosphere. It’s the only place where people don’t want to compromise any piece of comfort. The long breath a person takes after he/she comes back after the whole day of tiring work describes the comfort level mentioned here. But the question is how many of us can actually build a home for us like that or how many of us have the time or fund to make a roof of comforting atmosphere for us. We have become so busy in our modern world that we hardly have time to breathe so building a home with every little detail is near to impossible for us by taking out time from our daily course. Keeping that in mind and with the help of Java language, the developers have coded this website called “Online Rental House” where people can choose their home by renting.

9. Pharmacy management using Python

Pharmacy management using Python

India’s progress in the digital market proves to be a boon for the citizens. The digital market had linked all our daily courses. Like for example, we now can order clothes from shopping sites, or even buy grocery that also can be done online. So, keeping that in mind the developers have come into building a project called pharmacy project where like clothes medicines will be delivered to the customer. This project has been coded in python. So, it comprises of python script and its database files. It is basically a medicine management system where the user has the scope to access the medicine required by him/her and purchase it.

10. Virtual Office Management

Virtual Office Management

A Comforting environment is very needy for a person to work. This time the developers came with a JAVA project that deals with the office management system using JSP and javascript. An employee in an office requires an atmosphere where he/she can work efficiently. So, to create that kind of atmosphere by maintaining office decorum and also incorporating activities like a bulletin board, training required for staff and meeting holding responsibilities the developers introduced this system in the market. This is basically a way to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business system of the organization. This system made it all online. Every official works record are being updated and maintained by this system.

11. Virtual Notebook - Python project

Virtual Notebook - Python project

Thousands of thoughts linger in our minds every minute. Even when we are travelling outside or sitting in a room there are plenty of thoughts that comes in our mind but can we remember every single one of them an hour later? So why not put those thoughts somewhere down. So moving with this creative idea in mind developers with Python programming language has developed this virtual notebook mini project where we can write our thoughts down. In our subconscious mind, we think a lot of logical things that we forget later so if we write the moment the thoughts arise that way it will be accessible. But the problem was if we had some thoughts in our mind while we were jogging or walking or travelling we could not write as we always do not carry paper and pen but we do carry our phone everywhere so in this way the virtual notebook comes in handy.

12. How to Develop Women's Safety Android Application

How to Develop Women's Safety Android Application

Nowadays, people using Smartphones have increased tremendously and hence, a smartphone may be used effectively for safety purposes. Violence against women is increasing rapidly like sex offence, rape, and domestic violence. It's often unreported because of social norms, sensitive issues, etc. during this present time, the main issues are women security. So, this project proposes the event of an Android application called “She brave app” that ensures the varied safety features to forestall from various victims, the main aim of this app is to avoid wasting women in unwanted situations. It doesn't require internet connections except for many features. The contacts are registered through network providers. just in case of emergency this application is employed to trace the placement of the user and also the contacts of the nearby police stations using GPRS, video and audio may be recorded for 15 seconds so forwarded to registered contacts.

13. Placement system using Android

Placement system using Android

Today, it's seen that Training and Placement Cell is a vital part of every educational institution, during which most of the work is done manually. The Last year is incredibly crucial for college students of any college additionally as for his or her colleges. Because it's the time when the businesses are available at. And for each student and company need one another to figure it out and hence this method comes in picture. The training and placement officer needs to inform thousands of scholars about every single training and placement related activity. So, to form the placement process convenient and effective, an android based placement system is utilized by the placement cell. Placement System because the name states it's purely used for helping the businesses to induce the most effective candidate and directives are available in contact with the scholar, within the same way student get to understand about the roles and also the companies directly. This App is going to be helpful in faster management of the position related activities within the college campus.

14. Employee tracker android application

Employee tracker android application

Smartphones are a great innovation for mankind. The demand for this new technology is increasing day by day and it is a very effective tool for our daily life communication and security along with search and rescue. Nowadays, to trace the employees and to monitor their activities in the company and enhancing the productivity of the company by securing company data is becoming necessary. To use the traditional method for the management of employees is very critical and complex. Through this app HR or admin can get all the information about the worker phone like their Locations, Data usage, and Unauthorized Call History details can be tracked. The only condition is that Employees should have Android phones. Thus, the unnecessary usage of the company’s valuable time and money are avoided and it helps to keep trade secrets and avoid legal liability.

15. Develop an Android App for House Rental Management System

Develop an Android App for House Rental Management System

As we all know it is difficult to manage time for your daily needs in this fast-moving world. With this case there is a need for change in a technological field, there's an urgent must embrace and appreciate the power of innovative technology. So there is a vital situation to manage one in all the essential need that's a shelter or home for survival. If you are not known to an individual in some cities and want to rent a house than it's difficult to hunt out suitable aim time. Hence, there's a requirement to develop a House Rental management App that will simplify the work for the rental managers and tenants so all their works are often done efficiently and effectively. It's also difficult to hunt out the renter on time, for the owner and property managers. This App will provide the whole knowledge about houses which is accessible for Rent. It will make easy to hunt out the position of Houses, need of rooms and other facts by the renter. Using this app the Landlords even have provision to post or update their property details whenever they want.

16. Banking system JAVA project

Banking system JAVA project

The web is by and large broadly utilized as a method for communication and alluded to as the window to the world. Individuals currently depend on the web to scan for data, to buy stock and to be educated regarding various administrations gave by an association.

17. Bus booking system mini project

Bus booking system mini project

Transport Booking System is a web-based application that is associated with a database. The database incorporates data about transports or buses, no. of seats accessible, inhabitance, accessibility, days and time of activity, no. of transports from point 'A' to point 'B', Price ranges, automatically generated reports and bills and so on.

18. Online Crime Reporting system

Online Crime Reporting system

The Objective of the Crime Reporting System is to build up a web-based program to report the crimes that happen in the city. It gives the platform of transferring pictures or recordings of wrongdoing scenes to guarantee that police may make a move right away. It additionally supplies the exhortation of missing people and security tips for the awareness of individuals.

19. Online Examination system

Online Examination system

Today Online Examination System is becoming a quickly developing assessment technique due to its speed and precision.

20. Online Restaurant Locator

Online Restaurant Locator

Café Finder offers a casual method to find the best nourishment arrangements and eateries close to you. In the event that you permit it, the application can find the nearest cafés just by utilizing your location. The android gadget goes about as a customer and PC goes about as a server. The locations information is put away on the server and cell phone is utilized to get to it so as to show to the client.

21. Online Shopping project using JAVA

Online Shopping project using JAVA

The primary point of "Internet SHOPPING" is to improve the administrations of Customers and sellers. It keeps up the subtleties of client instalments, item receipts, expansion of new clients, items and furthermore refreshing, cancellation for the same. It additionally stores the details of invoices created by clients and instalments made by them with all Payment methods like Visa.

22. Plagiarism remover mini project

Plagiarism remover mini project

Plagiarism is characterized as to take or rob some work and present it as one's own work. This language structure and plagiarism checker framework are utilized to break down the plagiarism information. Plagiarism influences the training nature of the understudies and consequently decreases the financial status of the nation. Plagiarism is accomplished by reworded works and the similitudes among watchwords and verbatim covers, change of sentences from one structure to another structure, which could be recognized utilizing WordNet and so on. This plagiarism identifier gauges the comparative content that matches and recognizes plagiarism.

23. Spam SMS detection system

Spam SMS detection system

The popularity of cell phones has heightened in the recent decades prompting another territory for junk advancements from disreputable advertisers. Individuals guiltlessly give out their cell phone numbers every day and are then subsequently overflowed with spam messages.

24. Employee Management System

Employee Management System

In a multi-national organization there exist a huge mass of employees with varied posts, achievements and qualifications so it is very much necessary to keep track of them. Employees are the key source in an organization as they perform all the activities of an organization so keeping them in track and maintaining their welfare is very important as if they screw up the whole business of the organization will suffer a downfall. By this source the developers have created an online field where every detail of an employee can be accessed, organized and maintained securely. This project had been developed using python.

25. Meal Ordering system

Meal Ordering system

Food is one of the essential for our earning. People are not only just earning to buy a house or to fulfil their dreams but also to provide their families with enough food to sustain. But in the corporate field due to the huge amount of work pressure, people hardly get the time to do lunch or go outside the office and grab something. It’s ironic that for the food we are working to our fullest but in the process, we become so worked up that we don’t have the time to grab something to eat. And it’d not only in the field of working even in the household when the whole family went out for fun and then on return no one likes to cook due to being tired. So, the developers came in action with the meal ordering project developed with the help of python where people can order food whatever they like online.

26. Baby Care - JAVA project

Baby Care - JAVA project

Parenting is definitely not an easy task, to begin with. Most of the people are totally clueless about this subject. They hardly have any idea of how to take proper care of a newly born baby. Most of them get scared and try to imitate other parents by hearing from them without knowing if it is really good or bad for the child. Due to the lack of information, this occurs. And even if we seek doctor help it’s impossible to ask a doctor so many questions within a limited span of time of appointment. So keeping this idea intact the developers had built this project using JSP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, and JDBC which deals with everything needed for the welfare of a newborn child also including parental behaviour.

27. Find My Professor

Find My Professor

If you are a student presently studying at any level, you must take in many doubts while reading or working out any problem, and in the campus, you don’t cognize where the particular subject professor is at the minute. If you have where’s my professor then it would get softer for you to see him/her at that instant or you can even request for a meeting. This finds my professor – python project will allow the user to select the professor and request him/her for a meeting for any query and will be granted admittance to the professor’s time table.  The faculty will be granted admittance to the requests and to bear them or eliminate them. The professor will be asked to update his/her timetable if any modifications. Both the sides will be notified for their requests.

28. Movie Ticket Booking system using python

Movie Ticket Booking system using python

The basic role of making the online cinema ticket booking system is to make a programmed online-based system which will provide a simple and exchange approach to book a ticket for a film. The client should enter the data identified with the film after which the system will provide choices to book the ticket. Right now Ticket Booking System, the staff of the cinema hall won't need to do anything for the ticket booking as the procedure will be finished by the client through the web which will decrease the measure of staff required in the booking counter.

29. Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tracker Android Application

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Tracker Android Application

Coronavirus created a huge impact by affecting not only the people but also the world economy. Since the first case, the disease had consumed thousands of lives in 4 months because of its viral spreading capacity.

Coronavirus spreads when you are getting contacted with the infected person or the droplets generated by them when they cough or sneeze. The major issue with this disease is the symptoms, you will get to know that you are infected after a period of one week. Until that point, you might have infected more than hundred’s.

The best way to control the disease is by isolating the patients from others. Isolating the infected person is very simple. But the people who got contacted with the infected ones will be roaming and spreading the disease. To solve this problem we need a perfect system to track the people who had contact with the infected person.

In this project, we will develop an Android application which can able to track the individuals who had contact with the infected ones.

30. Assignment submission system using Python

Assignment submission system using Python

When it comes to submission’s we often tend to be late, or become lazy to do the assignments, practical’s and submit them late, or find it hard to submit it on paper. Let’s build a submission portal which helps students to submit their practical and assignments online easily. And the faculty can upload documents on the portal for students’ reference. The students can upload and download documents as well as the faculty. And students will then graded for their work on the portal itself.

31. Smart feedback system using Python

Smart feedback system using Python

Nowadays many companies, schools, colleges etc. take surveys regarding feedback of their particular products. It becomes hard for them to take it on paper, and plus it encourages to wastage of paper and affects the environment.

So, let’s build up a smart feedback system, where a particular company, school or college can register itself and create feedbacks for their products, teachers and working system. And allow their employees, students and parents to give them feedback.

32. Pet tracker android application

Pet tracker android application

Most of the people or farmers don't own any dedicated monitoring system for their pets or live stocks. Because of that the animals will get into danger or lost. Stolen and missing pet can harm people financially and emotionally. To induce rid from this problem, an application called Pet Tracker is developed. The Pet Tracker works with a GPS collar. These GPS collars are fixed to the animal’s neck. The function of the GPS collar is to update the place of the animal via GPS. GPS is one amongst the good technologies that are employed in a large number of applications today. This application keeps regular monitoring on them and may inform you of the placement and route travelled by animal, which information is observed from anywhere on your android devices.

33. Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Nowadays the usage of virtual devices is increased rapidly and most of the business depends on the internet to improve their sales and marketing strategy. A website plays a major role in the growth part of a company and helps them to scale up easily. Having a good website for your company will help you in the long run to achieve the targets.

In this post, we will discuss how to develop a simple web application using PHP and MySQL. Web development involves creating a website by developing the front-end and back-end with the help of client-side and server-side languages.

34. Learn How to Host A Dynamic Website On AWS

Learn How to Host A Dynamic Website On AWS

Dynamic websites are used to give interactive features to the users based on their request. A dynamic website uses both server-side and client-side languages such as Javascript, PHP, ASP, HTML and CSS to provide a dynamic interface for the users. You can easily develop a dynamic website using CMS (content management system) like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Having a dynamic website from your business will boost your sales by giving access to a wide number of people around the world.

35. Host Static Website on AWS

Host Static Website on AWS

Having an individual website for your business will give you a worldwide reach and also helps you to expand your market. A separate website for your business will build trust among your customers which will boost your sales. You can also reduce the cost by advertising online which is more effective than the print advertisement. In this cloud computing project, we will discuss the advantages of having a website and how to host a static website on AWS.

36. Build a Serverless website on AWS

Build a Serverless website on AWS

Serverless helps developers to launch the products faster, paves the way for ideal business implementation and reduces the infrastructure costs at the same time. Basically serverless is cloud computing model which allows the users to write and deploy code without worrying about the backend process. Here the backend process is taken care of by the Cloud provider.

In this cloud computing project, we will try to develop a website by using a serverless architecture. You will use AWS services like AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3 and AWS Cloud Front to develop this serverless website.

37. How to Develop An E-Learning Platform Using Cloud Computing

How to Develop An E-Learning Platform Using Cloud Computing

With the advancement in technology, a huge change is happening in the education system. In this cloud computing project, we will develop an e-learning platform using cloud computing. Cloud computing is widely used in various fields because of its various applications and easy deployment. Nowadays with easy access to the internet and smartphones, everyone is able to connect and access online resources. This also expanded the use of cloud computing services. 

E-learning is one of the fast and efficient ways to spread knowledge to learners from different parts of the world. E-learning uses modern technology and digital content to make the learning process more attractive. Effectiveness, consistency, scalability, reduced costs, etc. are some of the advantages of the E-learning platforms. But to set up an e-learning platform it requires a huge software and hardware resources. Cloud computing provides the best solution to set up the infrastructure for the e-learning platform with reduced costs. It uses the internet and remote servers to maintain data and applications. 

38. NGO Activity portal project

NGO Activity portal project

This product entitled "NGO Activity portal" is helpful for any non-government organization to build up its social administrations in a viable way. So they can improve society with no destitution and lack of education. The module is utilized to show the nongovernment organization data like their name, place, history of the NGO, when they set up their organization, president of the organization, VP, number of individuals from the NGO, and so forth. Past work module is utilized to show the NGO's leaving administration for society. On-going Programs are told about the at present running programs of this organization. It bolsters different programs like Violating child labor’s framework, Anti-dowry framework, self-help Groups, Rescue of helpless peoples, Rescue people from different events like flood, Tsunami, and so forth. It tells their organization administrations in a precise manner. It likewise gives school materials to handicapped students once in months. It's a valuable plan for students to empower their investigations. Criticism is utilized to hear clients’ thoughts. With the goal that it can improve its usefulness in an exact and simplest manner. 

39. Host Dynamic Website on AWS

Host Dynamic Website on AWS

A Dynamic Website is a widely used type of website used by businesses and organizations to interact with their customers. A dynamic website uses server-side processing to build web pages that are customized as per visitor preferences.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

40. Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Since the E-Commerce business has boomed, the need for websites has increased and clients are emphasizing more on web development and design. So learning web development is definitely a skill to have under the belt.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

41. Web Development (Career Building Course)

Web Development (Career Building Course)

Full Stack Web Developer is responsible for end to end solution which makes you highly marketable and a valuable asset for any company. Here the key areas to focus are learning how to build a website, you should be capable to provide great user experience, a well-organized backend and should also be able to deploy the product for an efficient management system for the website. The demand for such engineers has increased by 30 % compared to last year. Build such skills to have a great career as a full stack developer.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

42. Python for Web Development

Python for Web Development

Python is the programming language favored by most programmers because of its easy approach and simplicity. It has become the most loved programming language as well since a developer can build a lot of applications using Python - desktop applications, web development, game development, web scraping, machine learning, data science and analytics, embedded programming etc. are all possible with Python A large number of popular website like Instagram, Quora, Youtube, Google and Dropbox are build using Python. A large number of companies are building their website using Python and so the employment opportunities are good for python web developers. This course takes you from the basics of web development and teaches you how to build amazing websites using Python and Django MVC framework.

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

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Latest Projects based on mysql
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