Application of Nanotechnology in Construction Industry

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Application of Nanotechnology in Construction Industry
The construction industry is growing day by day with new inventions and advanced technologies. These new changes eliminating the errors of conventional methods.
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And improve the overall efficiency of the projects. Nanotechnology is such a trend becoming more popular & useful in the construction industry. Initially, this technology limited to only a few fields like microelectronics, medicine, and material sciences. With potential developments, the use of nanotechnology in the field of construction is increasing.

About Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is a method of understanding, controlling and reconstructing the properties of materials. It helps to create materials with fundamental properties and functions. Nanotechnology consists of two main approaches called the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach.

  1. In the top-down approach, large structures reduced in size to the nano-scale. Their properties remain unchanged.
  2. In the bottom-up approach, materials engineered from molecules through a process of assembly.
Nanostructured products can fix current construction problems at a much faster pace. They also help construction materials to achieve self-cleaning, self-healing and high ductility.

Effects of nanostructured materials in the construction industry:

  1. Nanostructured materials have a high surface area to volume ratio. Provides potential ability for tremendous chemical reactivity process.
  2. They also promote cement hydration due to their high reactivity.
  3. In concrete products, nanostructured materials act as filler.
  4. Nano-SiO2 (Nano-silicon dioxide) material has found to improve workability and strength of concrete.
  5. Increase the resistance to water penetration.
  6. Control the leaching of calcium.
  7. With the addition of nano-sio2 in concrete products, the compressive strength will gradually increase compared to conventional concrete admixtures.
  8. Nanostructured materials also act as an activator to promote pozzolanic reactions.
  9. Another nanostructured material, Nano-TiO2 (Nano-titanium oxide) has proven very effective for the self-cleaning of concrete.
  10. Carbon nanotubes/nanofibers are the potential materials used as nano-reinforcements in cement based products.

Nanotechnology offers the possibility of great advances in the field of construction engineering. With these potential applications, nanotechnology is becoming the most emerging technology in the field of civil engineering.

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