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Movie recommendation system based on emotion using python

Movie recommendation  based on an emotion using python

It’s not always easy to pick the right movie to watch. Sometimes you're in the state of mind to see individuals begin to look all starry eyed at, or you need a motion picture to remind your connection with music, or you need to just watch characters to whom you relate or any emotion-based movie. Settling on this decision can't generally be understood by attempting to pick something dependent on genre. This is why we are going to create,  a “Movie recommendation system based on emotion”, which enables us to choose movies based on how you want their viewing experience to make them feel.

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Develop Sign Language Translator with Python

Sign language translator using python,tensorflow,keras and open cv

Sign languages (also known as signed languages) are languages that utilize the visual-manual methodology to pass on importance. Language is communicated through the manual sign stream in the mix with non-manual components.

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Invisible Cloak using Open CV and Python

Invisible Cloak using OpenCV-Python

We all have seen the famous “Harry Potter Invisible cloak” in the harry potter movie and if you are a fan of Harry Potter movies simply like me, then you must know that Harry Potter uses an invisible cloak to become invisible.

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Simple Chat room using Python

Simple Chatroom using Python

This python project is straightforward and simple to make and would consummately function as a scaled-down venture or for self-learning purposes. To begin you just to get familiar with Socket Programming and Some python concept. Here we are going to build a Simple Chat Room Server and enable different individuals to interface and speak with each other. The concept used here is socket programming and threading.

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Currency Recognition System using Image Processing

Currency Recognition System using Image processing

It is puzzling for individuals to perceive each currency from various nations. Furthermore, past perceiving the currency note, we additionally need to perceive the genuine and fake currency notes that are available in the market. To determine this sort of issue we have a Currency Recognition System. It distinguishes the currency notes and the variety among genuine and counterfeit currency notes. Our present framework is taking a shot at image processing, methods that incorporate image filtering, edge identification, segmentation and a database for putting away the qualities of the currency note.

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Cartooning an Image using Open CV

Cartooning an Image using OpenCV-Python

Cartooning a digital image sounds a very interesting, fun and easy project to work on. So as to achieve an animation picture from a digital image, we only need some bilateral filter and edge detection mechanism. These bilateral filters will assist us with reducing the color or shading palette of the image, which is an important step for the animation look, and edge detection are used to get a perfect bold silhouette.

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Computer vision based self-recharging robot

Computer vision based Self recharging robot

Computer vision is one of the leading technologies which is undergoing a lot of revision, and there is a lot of research happening in this field as well. It essentially gives computers, devices and other machines the ability to see and perceive images. From a pure engineering point of view, technology such as

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Disease Prediction using Image Processing

Disease Prediciton using Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a technology that gives computers the power to learn from their past mistakes and experiences. This approach is finding large-scale applications in many fields around the world. One of the most significant uses of this technology is in the medical field. Every year, diseases like diabetes and cancer take the lives of millions of people. What if there was some way we could predict the early onset of such diseases? What if there was some way we could understand we have the disease before it was too late? Well, doctors and medical researchers around the world are working together to build a big-data backed machine learning algorithm that will help with disease prediction. In this Machine Learning project, we are going to be looking at something similar- an application that will help us predict the occurrence of a disease based on patient history.

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Forgery detection using Image Processing

Forgery detection using Machine Learning

A common problem faced by several newspaper agencies and content creators on the web is that of content forging or image forging. With so much new content hitting the web every single day, how do you make sure an image or news is real and not fake? How do you protect your work from being copied? Well, that’s a common problem for creators now, and something we will try to solve through this project. Here’s an Image Processing project that will help you detect forgery.

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Moneyball sports analyzer using machine learning

Moneyball sports analyzer using Machine Learning

Our world is heavily driven by technology and one of the newest facets of technology which is getting a lot of attention is machine learning. This field of study hopes to transform simple machines into smart machines that can think and analyze problems, much like how we do! In this post, we will be looking at one of the large scale applications of machine learning which is sports analytics. So here’s a look at a Moneyball inspired Sports Analyser project that works on the principles of Machine Learning.

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