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Good IoT Project Ideas for Enthusiasts

Summary: The main idea of IoT is making the devices and objects smarter by linking them to the internet. After introducing this concept and technology to the devices you use daily, they become more efficient and independent. If you are an amateur, you can start by building some basic IoT projects to understand their operations and functionalities. Arduino platform is the most suitable for you.

I’m sure you have heard of smart cities. But do you know? There is going to be 98 smart cities in India itself. This means, the water that flows through your faucet and the trash that you throw can now be managed smarter.

Now, have you ever wondered what makes these smart cities “smart”?

That’s right. It’s IoT, Internet of Things.

No wonder, IoT is currently the trending technology among all the industries of today. And developing a career on such an advanced technology had become a dream for a number of enthusiasts and engineers across the globe.

If you are one such enthusiast who want to develop skills on IoT, building hands on projects on IoT is a great way start.

Here are some good project ideas on IoT which are super easy for you to build and get started with IoT.

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But before that, what is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a network or an ecosystem of interrelated ‘things' that interact and exchange data amongst one another. The ‘thing' may refer to computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects and even people.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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 Yes, you read that right. Even people can be part of IoT. A person connected to a heart monitor or life support is a real-life example.

Kevin Ashton, the co-founder of the Auto-ID Centre at MIT, was the first to mention the term “Internet of Things” in a presentation he made to Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1999.

An article by Ashton published in the RFID Journal in 1999 said, "If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things - using data they gathered without any help from us - we would be able to track and count everything, and greatly reduce waste, loss, and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling, and whether they were fresh or past their best. We need to empower computers with their own means of gathering information, so they can see, hear and smell the world for themselves, in all its random glory."

That there is the exact concept behind IoT. It enables devices to interact with one another, share data and give output without manual intervention.

The IoT is an extended or evolved version of machine-to-machine or M2M communication. As the name suggests, M2M is a network of machine connected with each other that operate without human interaction. It refers to connecting a device to the cloud, managing it and collecting data.

IoT, an upgraded version of the M2M is a sensor network of a multitude of smart devices that connect people, systems and other applications to collect and share data.

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What are the components of IoT?

Good IoT Project Ideas for Enthusiasts

IoT is not an independent technology. It has 3 major components:

  • Hardware: The physical objects that are capable to retrieve data and follow instructions
  • Software: A set of electronic instructions that enable data collection, storage, processing, manipulating and instructing the devices involved
  • Communication infrastructure: It consists of protocols and technologies are responsible for two physical objects to exchange data

What is an IoT Platform?

IoT platform is a multi-layered technology that connects your hardware to the cloud by using flexible connectivity options, several security mechanisms, and data processing powers. It provides features that speed up the development of applications of connected devices.

It is referred as middleware which basically functions as a mediator between the hardware and application layers. It allows the IoT device to facilitate management, connectivity and network management, data and information analysis, processing, monitoring, and interfacing, among many other functions.

What are some of the latest devices of IoT?

  • Nest Smart Thermostat: The Nest Learning Thermostat is a smart thermostat developed by Nest Labs. The device is based on a machine learning algorithm i.e., it learns your family’s routines and will automatically adjust the temperature based on when you’re home or away, awake or asleep. It makes the house more efficient and helps save on heating and cooling bills and even conserve energy. It is electronic, programmable, and self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.
  • Tile: With the increase in the number of things (keys, phone, laptop) that you carry to your office every day, do you often forget something? Well, then this device is just for you! It is a tiny device that you can embed to your laptop, mobile, wallet etc. It has real-time tracking with the help of IoT based mobile application. You can also loudly ring a lost item and find it by sound.
  • August Smart Lock: With the advent of this device you will never need keys again. This device unlocks the door as soon as you arrive at the front door and locks behind when you close the door. You can grant guest keys to friends or the dog sitter, and have them expire when you no longer want to give that person access to your house.
  • Petnet Smart Pet Feeder: Have a pet? Do you often worry about the nutrition it gets? Well, this device helps its user calculate the best type of food for their pet, how much they should be eating, and even sets up delivery of pet food for when it runs out. The smart feeder can be controlled via smartphone and can monitor your pet's food consumption even if you're away from home.
  • Kolibree Smart Toothbrush: Bet you’d never thought there would be a smart toothbrush existing. Yes, IoT extends to even the smallest of things like your toothbrush. This toothbrush connects to your smartphone and encourages good brushing habits for both adults and children. It turns brushing into a game and saves data on your phone regarding your brushing habits.

What are some of the latest IoT trends?

  • Smart Home Devices: These devices are soaring in popularity with each passing minute. Like some of the examples mentioned above like Smart Thermostat, or August Smart Lock. Even those who dismissed these devices as unnecessary and termed them as “for lazy people”, are tempted by this electronic wonder. They become highly intuitive and innovative, extending to not just home automation comfort but also home security and the safety of your family. They also have a huge play in conserving energy and hence, are important for efficient usage of electricity and various other resources which is colossally important for our future generations.
  • Healthcare: The advent of IoT into healthcare has seen some great wonders. According to data from Frost and Sullivan, the internet of medical things could be expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.2% and reach $72 billion by 2021.
    IoT has numerous applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. It has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy but also to improve how physicians deliver care as well.
  • IoT applications in Smart Cities: With the rapid increase in the population, the need for food, shelter, water, and other resources is also increasing. According to Gartner, approximately 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. This poses a huge threat to our resources. Will there be enough for our future generations? Thankfully, IoT is here to help solve some of these issues.
    The implementation of IoT on various smart city projects helps to optimize the usage of resources. Better optimizing will result in better distribution of resources without increasing the production mechanisms. For example, Smart Water Monitoring system will give us insights about the water consumption by the residents and help us in reducing leakage & wastage. This IoT technology alone will help us save huge quantities of water and provide an efficient solution to the water shortage problem. Sounds cool?
    Now you can also develop this smart city project right from your home. Click here for info
  • IoT in Wearables: Being one of the most popular ways of implementation of IoT, smart wearable devices have taken the market in a storm. Watches were earlier used just to indicate the time. Now, the real question is what can they not do? From counting the number of steps walked in a day and calories burned, to the heart rate of the user, these devices have exceptional functions. One can now even control their smartphones through the smartwatches.
  • IoT in Education: Implementing IoT in schools in the form of Smart Classes is a hallmark in the evolution of education. Learning will not be limited to just textbooks. Smart classes will see an increase in interactive learning. Students can definitely grasp more with visual learning. It also provides online classes with experts. Educational apps are also being introduced into classrooms to increase the efficiency of learning and teaching.

What is an IoT project?

The main idea of IoT is making the devices and objects smarter by linking them to the internet. After introducing this concept and technology to the devices you use daily, they become more efficient and independent.

Imagine a fridge that notifies you when there's no more milk or bread or a football that tells you the velocity with which it was kicked.

Sounds incredulous? Well, get used to it. Because with the advancement and introduction of IoT, more and more devices are getting smarter by each passing second. It is estimated that the total number of devices connected to the IoT will exceed 31 billion worldwide by 2020.

Let’s look at some good IoT project ideas:

If you are an amateur, you can start by building some basic IoT projects to understand their operations and functionalities. Arduino platform is the most suitable for you.

Some of the best IoT projects you can try using Arduino are:

1. Automated Street Lighting System using IOT: It is an Ideal course for beginners to understand the Internet of Things, automatic street lighting, Arduino architecture, and Arduino programming. In this project, you can develop a street light controlling mechanism which is automatic and depends on the intensity of the sunlight at that particular time of the day. Usage of this device will help to save a huge amount of power and make the lighting system more efficient. The on/off switch will be triggered by the system automatically depending on the data sent by LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensors. The data sent to the microcontroller will also be sent to the cloud for analysis to gain valuable insights about energy consumption.

You can now build your own Automated Street Lighting System with Arduino right at the comfort of your home using the kit we send you with the excellent video based course.

Build Automated Street Lighting with Skyfi Labs

Click here for the video demonstration.

Smart Building System using IOT: With home automation now reaching great heights, the way we look at smart homes is changing day by day. Smart lighting system inside homes is a crucial part of home automation. Through this IOT project, you can develop an electronic device that will facilitate the switching on/off of the electrical appliances based on the people present inside the room. The system also records the number of occupants present inside the room and send the data to the cloud, which can be used for analysis.

 You can now build your own Smart Building System using IOT & Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Smart Building using Arduino

Click Here for the video demonstration.

Smart Water Monitoring System using IOT: This IoT project gives an innovative solution to the difficulties of water management. With the increase of urbanization, it is extremely difficult to efficiently manage water consumption. That is where this device comes to play.

In this project, you can build a device that uses water flow sensor to detect the water flow within the pipe and then it sends the water consumption data to the microcontroller/ Arduino. The Arduino, with the help of a Wi-Fi module, sends the data to the cloud. The data

can be accessed anytime, anywhere for analysis purpose and efficient water consumption.

You can now build your own Smart Water Monitoring System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Smart Water Monitoring project with Skyfi Labs

Click here for the video demonstration.

Smart Irrigation System using IOT: With the introduction of modern civilization, we are readily losing lots of natural resources. This poses a huge threat to modern farming. Using this particular IOT project you can achieve an efficient solution to this problem. The device uses a soil moisture sensor which detects the moisture content of the soil and sends the data to the Arduino. The Arduino then processes the data, and switches on/off the water pump accordingly. The data collected is sent to the cloud server using ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module for storage and analysis.

You can now build your own Smart Irrigation System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit.

Smart Irrigation System project with Skyfi Labs

Click here for the video demonstration.

Weather Monitoring System using IOT: This project is best for all the nature lovers out there. This device can stream the temperature differences online. This project has a DHT (Digital Humidity Temperature) sensor which can record the temperature and humidity differences in the environment and sends the data to the Arduino Uno. All the data collected by the microcontroller will be sent to the cloud with the help of ESP-8266 (Wi-Fi module). The user can analyze the data from anywhere on earth.

You can now build this Weather Monitoring System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Click here for the Combo course of all the aforementioned projects with Skyfi Labs.

Click here for the video demonstration.

Weather Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi: This is an ideal course for beginners to understand IOT and Raspberry Pi. Apart from gaining practical skills on the Internet of Things, by doing this project you will learn about the Raspberry Pi development platform.

In this project, you can develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet using Raspberry Pi and DHT sensor. You can also program the system in such a way that says whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send an email notification!

Weather Monitoring Project using Raspberry Pi with Skyfi Labs

Click here for the video demonstration.

Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring Device: With the exponential increase in the air and noise pollution, it has become very important to control and monitor the situation.

In this project, Raspberry Pi is used to monitor and check live the Air Quality Index and the sound pollution of a region. The technology includes two modules namely: The Air Quality Index Monitoring Module, the Sound Intensity Detection Module.

Firstly, the Air Quality Index is measured with consideration of the presence of the air pollutants and the sensor is used to identify the harmful gases in the air and it transmits the data to the microcontroller.  Then the sound intensity is detected using the respective sensor and it keeps measuring sound level and reports it to the online server over IOT. The sensors interact with a microcontroller which processes this data and transmits it over the internet. This allows monitoring the air and noise pollution in different areas and takes action against it.

Theft Detection Device Project: This device helps secure tour homes and offices from theft using Raspberry Pi. It uses image processing on live video to detect theft using motion. It also highlights the area where the theft occurs.

It allows the user to view the theft details and saving the video of the theft in a USB drive. In this system, a camera along with a circuit with LCD display IR for night vision and USB drive for storage is used. As soon as camera detects motion, the system uses image processing to identify the exact area of motion occurrence and then highlights it accordingly. The system now transmits the images of the occurrence over IOT to be viewed by the user online.

Garbage Monitoring System: The IoT Garbage Monitoring System is designed to ease the problems faced while managing waste. The system allows the user to keep watch on the garbage bins by utilizing buzzer and IoT service. The system has a buzzer on it which sets off an alarm when the garbage bin is filled with waste. The user can also get updates about the wastage recycling from anywhere using IoT service.

Automatic Selfie Booth: This innovative system does not need users to click selfies, it automatically starts taking selfies and saves it in their pen drive using face recognition technique. It consists of a Raspberry Pi based system with a camera as well as a speaker. LED is interfaced through a PCB board to deliver this. The Raspberry Pi is used to detect human faces near the selfie booth. It then instructs the camera to start taking selfies at 2 seconds intervals until the user is still standing in front of it. It allows the user to attach a pen drive before starting image capture and saves all selfies in it.

Suppose, if you want to build great IoT based projects but don’t have the necessary technical knowledge, don’t worry!

We at Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through which you can learn latest technologies by building projects hands-on right from your home. With the hardware kits delivered to your doorstep and 1-1 technical assistance provided, developing great expertise on latest technologies like IoT will never be tough for you.

Check IoT projects that you can build from home

Comment your queries below, we will assist you at the earliest.

Good luck!

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Good IoT Project Ideas for Enthusiasts
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