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List of Top 100 IoT Projects

IoT is an emerging technology that is making our lives simpler and easier. With the rapid increase in the number of internet users in the world, it is an obvious sign that IoT is going to expand even more in the future. Internet of things is a giant network that connects physical devices to the internet and facilitates collecting and exchanging data.

Let us try to understand the working of IoT. Imagine you had set an alarm at 6:00 am and when it triggers, it sends notifications to the coffee machine to brew your coffee by the time you get ready. It sounds amazing, right?

With IoT technology, you can make many amazing projects that control the electronic devices at your home or industries. There are plenty of applications that you can do with the help of IoT. The following list is some of the IoT based project ideas which you can use to build good IoT projects. 

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1. Weather Monitoring System using Arduino: In this IoT project, you will learn to build an Arduino based weather monitoring system that senses the temperature and humidity change and sends data over the internet for storage and analysis.

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2. IoT Weather Reporting System using Raspberry Pi: In this IoT project, you will use a DHT 11 sensor which will help in sensing the weather parameters using Raspberry Pi. The data collected by Raspberry Pi will be uploaded on Thingspeak where the user can see and make some analysis of the data.

Build IoT Weather Reporting System using Raspberry Pi Project with Skyfi Labs

3. Automated Street Lighting using IoT: In this IoT project, you will build an automated street lighting system that automatically switches the street lights ON and OFF depending upon the intensity of sunlight present.

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Build automated street lighting system project with Skyfi Labs

4. Home Automation using IoT: In this IoT project, you will develop an electronic device that can control all the home appliances using Bluetooth technology. You can switch ON/OFF any appliance by giving commands using an Android app. By implementing this IoT project, you will also be able to store and analyze the data.

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5. Smart irrigation system using IoT: In this IoT project, you will develop an Arduino based smart irrigation system that detects the change in moisture level in the soil and controls the flow of water accordingly.

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Build smart irrigation system project with Skyfi Labs

6. Smart Building using IoT & PIR Sensor: In this IoT project, you will build a smart device that can sense the number of occupants in the room with the help of the PIR sensor and it automatically switches the lights On/Off based upon the occupancy.

Build smart building project with Skyfi Labs

7. Smart Water Monitoring using IoT: This is an IoT project in which you will be developing a smart water monitoring system that can detect the flow of water and also record the volume of water that flows through a pipe for a given period of time. You can implement this in your building to analyze the usage patterns of the residents and save a lot of water in the process.

Build smart water monitoring project with Skyfi Labs

8. Surveillance Camera using IoT: In this IoT project, you will develop a surveillance camera that can monitor your belongings in real time using IoT. With this, you can watch your loved ones playing or watch over your pet, no matter where you are located.

Build surveillance camera project with Skyfi Labs

9. Automatic Smart Parking using IoT: It is a tedious task to find a parking space in the city. So, in this IoT project, you will build an electronic device that can assist drivers in selecting a suitable spot for parking.

10. Automatic Smart Door Bell using IoT: Safety is the topmost priority for any resident and it is the most researched field today. In this IoT project, you will build a smart bell that can detect the activities of a stranger and switch ON the doorbell automatically to notify the residents.

11. Smart e-Health Gateway: No wonder IoT is booming and it also has made its way into the health care industry. These days, a lot of IoT based patient monitoring systems are being developed to perform basic functions.

12. Smart Home Interface using GSM & IoT: The IoT based electronic device that you will build as part of this project will assist a user to control all the electrical appliances remotely by sending an SMS through GSM technology.

13. IoT based Biometrics Implementation on Raspberry Pi: The traditional authentication technologies like RFID have their own weakness because the information of an individual can easily be tampered or replicated. The IoT based biometric method of authentication is a great replacement for this. It can process an individual’s fingerprints, voice or an ECG which are unique human characteristics.

14. Review on Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT: Climate change is becoming a major cause of concern and it is very much important to monitor and stream the temperature differences in the environment. The main objective of this IoT project is to sense the difference in temperature and send the data to the cloud for analytics.

15. IoT based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi: The main objective of this IoT project is to control all the electrical appliances using Wi-Fi technology. It lets the user to control the devices from any part of the world.

16. Home Security Model using IoT: Security is a necessity now for every resident. You can now protect your home from robbery by building an IoT based electronic device that can detect unusual human activities and sends SMS to the residents.

17. Smart Trash Can using IoT: Garbage collection is a major concern in our country. Government officials and municipalities are still not able to figure out when to collect the garbage before it piles up for days. With the help of IoT, you can develop a smart trash can that can send notifications to workers immediately when the trash is full so that they can come and collect it.

18. Internet of Things based Intelligent Transport System: In this IoT project, you will build an electronic device consisting of GPS, NFC & RFID. Using these components, the sensor will automatically track the location of the vehicle and passenger information.

19. IoT based Biometric Implementation on ECG: The conventional authentication technologies like RFID tags and authentication cards have a lot of weakness, the biometric method of authentication is a prompt replacement for this. Biometrics such as fingerprints, voices and ECG signals are unique human characters that cannot be tampered or replicated. And it is also proven to be more accurate with less than 2 seconds of processing time, facilitating the authentication system to be faster and reliable.

20. IoT based Finger Print Authentication using Arduino: In this IoT project, you will build a device that uses a fingerprint module that can detect the fingerprint of a user to facilitate authentication.

21. Biometric Attendance System using IoT: In this era of the digital world, Biometrics plays a major role in identifying human beings. In this IoT project, you will build an electronic device to identify a student’s attendance using their fingerprints.

22. Fridge Door Alarm with IoT: We all must have left the refrigerator door open for at least once in our lives. This results in a huge loss of electricity and you end up paying more on your electricity bills. In this IoT project, you will build a simple device that can alert you if you have left the fridge door open.

23. Cell Phone Controlled Home Appliances: IoT is making your life even lazier! With the help of IoT, you can control all your home appliances like TV, Fridge, Fan, Air conditioner and Microwave, with just one click on your mobile phone.

24.Automatic Human Follower Trolley: Nobody likes pushing the trolley in a crowded supermarket or shopping malls. Now imagine, if the trolley follows you wherever you go and carries the things you buy, isn’t it interesting? Through this IoT project, you will build an autonomous trolley that will follow a particular human being using image processing technology.

25.Smart Shopping Trolley: Nowadays in metropolitan cities, people face a lot of problem in supermarkets to buy things using the trolley. In this IoT project, you will build a smart shopping trolley using IoT which can pick up things that you require on its own by sending an SMS.

26.Automatic Door Opening and Closing System: Automation is a fascinating technology. In this IoT project, you will build a smart door that automatically opens when you are near to the door and closes automatically when you enter inside.

27.DTMF Controlled Security System: Today, the most advanced and interesting research is happening in security systems. In this IoT project, you will build a device that will let you open and close the door by typing a password using the DTMF module on your mobile.

28.Fingerprint-based Voting System using IoT: In every election, you will be hearing a lot of cases on rigging (a person giving multiple votes). Currently, we are using EVM’s (Electronic voting machines) to cast a vote but it is still not secure. To avoid this problem in the future, you can build a unique fingerprint based voting machine that can identify a person who already had casted the vote.

29.Power Generation from Footpaths: I know it sounds weird and you would be wondering how this is possible. Practically, when a person runs or jogs, there is a lot of energy which is been dissipated by them because they are applying pressure on the ground to move. Through this IoT project, you are going to convert that energy into storable power. The Power which is stored in the battery will be used to glow the street lights.

30. Solar Powered Irrigation System: As technology is advancing very rapidly, automation is replacing manual operations in almost all fields. Automation has also made its way in the field of agriculture. Presently, farmers are manually watering the field which consumes a lot of time and energy. With this IoT project, you can develop a solar-powered irrigation system that can automatically pump the water on the field when it is required.

31. Vehicle-based Intensity controlled Street Lighting System: One of the biggest problems in all the countries is wastage of power. Generally, if you see in any country, the street lights will be glowing the entire night whether there is a movement of vehicles or not. Now imagine that there is a system where whenever the vehicle comes near the street light that street glows with full intensity and as soon as the vehicle moves from that area the streetlight will glow with very little intensity. That is the IoT project you will develop with this idea.

32. Occupancy based Street Lighting System using IoT: You may have observed that during the night time whether anyone is walking down the street or not, the street light will be glowing the entire night. This results in a huge loss of energy and power. Now, imagine that there is a system that can automatically detect a human being and it glows as he/she nears to a particular street light and then it dims as soon as he/she has passed. You can now make this as a reality by developing an IoT project.

33. Personal cloud using Raspberry Pi: Cloud computing is a technology that enables us to store data over the internet and enables us to access it from any part of the world. There are many cloud computing organizations that maintain the data and charge hefty money for it. How would it be if you create your own cloud storage and access the data from anywhere in this world? That is what exactly you will build in this IoT project.

34. Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Industry using IoT: Almost all the industries have multiple production lines and some of the production lines cannot be monitored by humans due to restrictions and safety concerns. By building this IoT project you will develop a device that can monitor the production line and notifies the user when it detects any unusual activity.

35. Internet Controlled Pet Feeding System: Everyone loves to have a pet in their home but there is always a problem that we face when we want to go out for a couple of days leaving your pet. Either you have to keep your pet in someone else’s home or we ask our neighbour to take care of the pet especially for food. In this IoT project, you will build a device that can feed your pet by sending commands using your mobile phone.

36. IoT based Dam Water Monitoring: During monsoons, floods are bound to occur. Through this IoT project you will build an automatic protection system for dams through IoT based smart water monitoring techniques.

37. IoT based Real-time Data Acquisition using MQTT Protocol: Internet of things is a concept that enables the user to get the data from any wireless sensor network through the internet, and this controlling and monitoring of data is done on a real-time basis. In this IoT project, you will develop one such efficient data acquisition system.

38. Amazon Alexa Controlled Fan: We are now interacting with the technology in a natural way just like how we interact with our friends and families. Alexa is the king when it comes to voice-assisted AI technology because it understands human commands and replies to it in seconds. You can use Alexa and build an innovative IoT project with which you can control the electrical appliances.

39. Shower Temperature Sensor using IoT: As busy engineering students, we all know the importance of saving even one minute especially in the morning. It is a very uncomfortable experience when you stick your hand out in the shower to know whether the water is at the perfect temperature to take a shower. This results in wastage of time. Using this IoT system, you can turn ON your shower and go back to whatever you were doing. Rather than having to stick your hand into the shower, you can wait for the system to notify you that the shower is ready.

40. Re speaker Home Automation: Probably you all heard about speaker, it is a hackable open hardware voice interface. It is a development board based on MediaTek MT7688 Wi-Fi module and runs on OpenWrt. You can program it using Arduino, Python, Node.js, Lua and C/C++. Speaker also supports various hardware add-ons like Groove Expansion, Microphone Array, etc.

41. Structural Health Monitoring using IoT: Maintenance is the paramount thing to focus, after constructing any structure. It is necessary to maintain the design strength of the structure to increase life span. Using this concept, you can build an IoT device that can intelligently detect the defects in a structure and stores the data in cloud platform for a period of time.

42. IoT based Forest Fire Alarm System: With rising temperatures every year, forest fires have become a common sight in every scorching summer. This results in the loss of green cover and vegetation for animals. It disturbs an entire eco-system. To prevent this, you can develop an IoT device that can detect even the smallest of fire in the forest and notifies immediately to the officials so that they can reach the spot immediately to douse the fire.

43. IoT based Baby Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi: In this IoT project, you will build a smart cradle system using IoT which will help parents to monitor their baby even if they are far away. It detects each and every movement of the baby and sends timely updates on a real-time basis.

44. IoT based Smart e-mirror using Raspberry Pi: In this IoT project, you will develop a smart mirror that can display time, date and weather with a welcome note as soon as you step in front of the mirror.

45. Industry Monitoring using Raspberry Pi: We all know that data entry is a very boring and time-consuming job. With the help of this IoT project, you will develop a device using Raspberry Pi that can analyze the data using different sensors and converts the data into digital format and uploads directly into google sheets. This makes the analysis of an industry very easy and error free.

46. IoT Prison Break Monitoring system: Prison breaks are not very common occurrences that you see every day. But, it can happen anytime. To prevent this, you can build an electronic device that can detect prison breaks and instantly alerts the authorities using IoT.

47. IoT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor: These days, there is an increased number of heart attacks due to poor lifestyle and pollution. To help prevent this, you can build this IoT based electronic device that can detect the heart rate of a person. You can manually set a high limit and low limit for the heartbeat, if it reaches low or high than the limit, then it will instantly alert the doctors or your family members.

48. IoT Underground Cable Detection: Underground cables are prone to damage because of rodents and other foreign sources. Due to this, the entire road has to be dug up because we cannot identify the exact place where the cable is damaged. So, the main objective of this IoT project is to detect the source where the cable is damaged so that the authorities can dig and fix the cable instead of digging the entire road.

49. Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System using IoT: Greenhouse is the place where plants and vegetables are grown. Numerous farmers fail to get good profits from the greenhouse crops for the reason that they can’t manage two essential factors, which determines plant growth as well as productivity i.e. high humidity and water evaporation from the soil. This IoT project is a combination of weather monitoring systems and soil monitoring system using IoT which detects the humidity in the air and moisture level in the soil.

50. IoT Gas Pipe Leakage: Gas leakage can be very dangerous and can lead to loss of life. Placing sensors on every section of the pipe can be very expensive. This IoT project aims to reduce gas leakages by building a robot that clings on the outer surface of the pipe and moves with the pipe to detect any leakages. On detection, it transmits the location of the leakage to the monitor.

51. IoT Car Parking System

52. IoT Garbage Monitoring with Weight Sensing

53. IoT Liquid Level Monitoring System

54. IoT based Wheelchair Fall Detection

55. IoT based Toll Booth Monitor System

56. IoT Circuit Breaker Project

57. IoT based Asset Tracking System

58. Smart Dustbin with IoT Notifications.

59. IoT based Industry Automation

60. IoT based Traffic Signal Monitoring

61. IoT based Air and Sound Pollution Tracking System

62. IoT based Anti-theft Flooring System using Raspberry Pi

63. IoT based Alcohol intake Monitoring

64. IoT based Energy Monitoring

65. IoT based Robot for Women Patrolling

66. IoT based Vertical Hydroponic Farm

67. Pet Feeder Machine using IoT

68. Smart Composting System using IoT

69. Smart Medicine Remainder using IoT

70. Cloud-Integrated Smart Attendance System

71. IoT based Drowsiness Detection

72. IoT based Smart Cargo Management System

73. IoT based Motion Tracking Intelligent Camera

74. Smart Face Aligner with Computer Vision

75. IoT based Smart Offices with Beacon Technology

76. IoT based Vehicle Health Management System

77. WhatsApp based Smart Home Assistant

78. Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System using IoT

79. Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System

80. Emergency Alert System for Physically Handicapped Cyclists using IoT

81. IoT based River Quality Monitoring System

82. IoT based Smart Connected Signs for Road Safety

83. Smart Vending Machines using IoT

84. Home Assistant with Raspberry Pi

85. IoT Enabled Smart Refrigerator

86. Street Quality Identification using IoT

87. Accelerometer based Alcohol Drinking Alert System

88. Weather Adaptive Street Lighting System using IoT

89. IoT based Civil Structural Health Monitoring System

90. Public Crowd Monitoring using IoT

91. Fitness Tracker using IoT

92. Anti-theft Alarm using IoT

93. Pattern Recognition Camera using IoT

94. Smart Guest Identifier with Remote Access using IoT

95. Crop Growth Analysis for Smart Agriculture

96. IoT based Situation based Awareness System

97. Smart Eco-friendly Placards for Stadiums

98. Smart Fish Pound using IoT

99. IoT based Smart Camera

100. Smart Shopping using IoT

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List of Top 100 IoT Projects for students
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