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Top 20 IoT Projects for Engineering Students


IoT has advanced from the gathering of wireless technologies, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and the Internet. IoT has been extremely popular over recent years and it is expected to be the future technology. In this article, you will get an idea about IoT technologies, how it works and how to start building a project on IoT. The broad utilization of sensors and remote network among gadgets has expanded and we are already experiencing this with our day to day gadgets. Interfacing everything to everything appears to be a smart thought. For example, how it feels to control your air conditioner before reaching home through your mobile? Interesting isn’t it?

Thus, learning and developing skills through building best IoT projects leads to a good career in the IoT sector:

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Before we begin, first things first.

What is IoT?

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a huge network like a spider web where the smart devices transfer data between each other to perform a task. Thus, it performs a machine to machine interaction, however, the involvement of humans is very less in this process. Internet of Things (IoT) can interface gadgets inserted in different platforms to the internet. It extends the connectivity to a wide range of devices through the internet apart from Laptop, Mobile Phones, Desktop, and Smart Phones. When gadgets can speak to themselves, they can be controlled from anyplace. The network at that point enables us to catch more information from more places, ensuring more methods for expanding efficiency and improving safety.

So, what is the scope of IoT?

IoT is considered as Next Digital Revolution by technology experts. IoT finds application in two major sectors, Industrial and Consumer segments. IoT is utilized for energy management and production line monitoring in the Industrial segment. Home automation is a major application where IoT is implemented at consumer level. IoT has developed tremendously, now it consists of more than 12 billion connected gadgets and as of indicated by specialists, it will increase to 50 billion before the end of 2020.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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Points to consider while building IoT projects

Points to consider while building IoT Projects?

Before starting your project, first step is to understand the basics of IoT technology. Learn the basics of IoT so you can implement this technology in real time. Start by building a small project. Once you have succeeded with that you can advance for the next project.

Next, you need to choose the right hardware for your IoT project. For building an IoT project you can use Raspberry Pi and Arduino UNO as a microcontroller. Since it’s an open source platform and they have so many amazing applications.

IoT projects using Arduino UNO:

In IoT, all the things (physical objects) are connected together with the internet to perform the desired function. Arduino is the most suitable microcontroller to interface devices together. Also, it is an open source platform, everything is available online for free from software to the schematics of the board. Arduino can be operated either independently, or connected to a Laptop, or connected to other electronic devices and sensors. Thus, it gives a wide range of applications for the Arduino Board which can be easily implemented for IoT projects.

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Some of the distinct features of Arduino which makes it an effective platform to build IoT Projects:

  • 14 Digital Input/Output Pins
  • ATmega328 has a memory of 32KB
  • USB port – connect to laptop or pc
  • PWM pins used to control analog circuits
  • Supports serial communication using Tx and Rx pins

Build a simple IoT project using Arduino

IoT using Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi is a miniature sized computer which works similar to your desktop when plugged into a monitor or TV. Raspberry Pi uses SoC (System on Chip), SoC is a microchip which integrates CPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPU in a single chip. As everything is integrated on a single circuit it consumes less power and improves performance also.

It is most suitable for hobbyists and enthusiasts to develop cool projects by which they can improve their skills in programming and understanding of hardware. Since Raspberry Pi is having an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module through which you can transfer and receive data from different sensors and devices, it is more preferable for building IoT projects. It can run a large group of operating systems too such as Windows 10, Android, Raspbian, etc. Raspberry Pi comes in different models like Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi zero, Raspberry Pi 4, etc. Among these models, Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest and widely used one.

Some of the unique features of Raspberry Pi which makes it more suitable for building IoT Projects:

  • CPU – 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 64 bit
  • RAM – 1 GB DDR2
  • USB Ports – 4
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Storage – MicroSD

Build a simple IoT project with Raspberry Pi

Top 20 IoT Projects for Engineering students

Now let’s us look into some of the best innovative IoT projects that you can start building now.

1. Automated Street Lighting using IoT

In this IoT project, you will construct an IoT based Automated Street Lighting System that consequently switches the street lights ON and OFF depending on the measurement of daylight. The aim of this project is to reduce the consumption of electricity and manpower by implementing IoT. Streetlights are the basic components of any city since it encourages better night visions and secure roads but it consumes quite a large amount of electricity. In the manual street lighting system, lights are powered from nightfall to dawn with maximum power even when sufficient light is available. Thus, the energy wastage can be avoided by switching off or reducing the intensity of lights. The saved energy can be productively used for other different purposes.

LDR sensor is used to detect the street light intensity and it sends data to the Arduino to perform the desired task. It is a type of resistor whose resistance changes based on the measure of light falling on the surface.


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2. Smart Irrigation system using IoT

In this project, you will use a soil moisture sensor, Wi-Fi module, and Arduino Board to develop a smart irrigation system. The aim of this project is to overcome the water scarcity problem faced by farmers. Soil moisture sensor detects the moisture level of the soil and sends data to Arduino. Based on the data transferred, water pump is turned ON/OFF automatically.


Check more about smart irrigation system using IoT project

3. Home Automation system using IoT

Home Automation is the way of controlling different home appliances using various control techniques. The electrical devices like fan, AC, light, heater and so on., can be controlled and examined to make it more efficient. In this IoT project, you will use Bluetooth communication to control the devices and send the data to cloud for storage and analysis.


Check more about home automation system using IoT project

4. Smart Water monitoring using IoT

Smart water monitoring using IoT can be implemented in pipelines of residents to detect the usage of water/ leakage and the data will be collected over a period of time. The data is then examined and stored in the cloud for future reference. By implementing this system in apartments, we can prevent lots of water wastage.


Check more about smart water monitoring using IoT project

5. Smart Building System using IoT and PIR

In this IoT project, you will be using a PIR sensor and Arduino. PIR (Passive Infra-Red Sensor) detects the heat emitted from all objects. With the help of PIR sensors, the number of persons in a room is detected. Based on the sensor data the system can automatically increase/decrease the temperature in the room and turn ON/OFF the room lights too.


Check more about smart building system using IoT project

6. Surveillance Camera using IoT

In this project, you will build a Surveillance camera using IoT that can be utilized to screen your assets real-time for security. IoT can make any gadget more brilliant. It connects everything to everything.

Nowadays everyone wants to take control of their own security, moving away from a methodology by authorizing someone to watch it. This can be achieved with the help of IoT.


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7. Automatic Smart Parking System using IoT

Generally in cities, finding parking space is difficult for our vehicles. In this IoT project, you will build a smart device which gives information to drivers about the availability of parking slots. The data collected by the device is stored in the cloud and can be utilized by anyone. The aim of the project is to reduce the time in finding the parking spaces which reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicles.

View more about automatic smart parking system

8. Automatic Smart Door Bell using IoT

The aim of this IoT project is to develop a better security system for households. In this project, you will develop a device which will detect the human activity and automatically switch ON the doorbell. You can also develop the system to send a notification via SMS to the user when a human activity is detected.

View more about automatic smart door bell

9. Smart e-Health Gateway

This IoT project gives an idea about the real-time health monitoring system that stores the patient’s basic health parameters. The information can be used by doctors as an alert to monitor the patient’s health. The fundamental necessity of the system is to help different wireless conventions and encourage the communication occurring between the gadgets. The system additionally encourages the temporary storage of client data and sensor information for future reference.

Check details about smart e-health gateway project

10. Smart Home Interface using GSM and IoT

The IoT device that you will build as part of this project can be connected with almost all the home appliances and can be controlled via GSM technology. When automation and IoT are combined, it turns into a worthwhile technology. With the rising of smartphones, the greater part of the general population has their own GSM connection. The main aim of this project is to control the home appliances by sending SMS. The home appliances will be associated with the Arduino Board with the help of relay driver module, switching ON/OFF actions of these home appliances can be controlled intelligently.

Check details about smart home interface using IoT project

11. IoT Based Biometric Implementation on Raspberry Pi

The biometric authentication system is widely used in various fields for a security mechanism. Biometrics refers to the programmed recognizable proof of a living individual. The four important parameters used in Biometrics are Palm, Fingerprint, Iris, Voice, and Face. So, this will replace the conventional authentication technologies like RFID tags and authentication cards.

In this project, you will develop a biometric-based authentication using Raspberry Pi. Fingerprint module is used to detect users for authentication and can be further developed in to an attendance system.

View details on biometric authentication using IoT project

12. Review on Temperature and Humidity Sensing using IoT

With the climatic conditions turning into a major worry among the environmentalists. It is required to develop a gadget that can screen and stream the temperature changes in the earth. In this IoT project, you will develop a device which will detect the temperature and humidity of the environment. DHT (Digital Humidity Temperature) sensor is used to perform this function.

Check more details about the temperature/ humidity sensing system using IoT

13. IoT Based Weather Station

A weather station can be a device which provides information about the weather in the surrounding environment. For example, it may be the temperature, humidity, light intensity, barometric pressure and so on. Various types of sensors are used to collect the required data.

Check details of weather station based on IoT project

14. Home Security Model using IoT

A significant factor to think, when we discuss about home automation is security. In this IoT project, you will develop a device which will detect the human activities near your doorsteps and switch on the alarm. PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor will be used to detect the human activity. It is connected to the Arduino where the data is processed and gives signals to the buzzer.

Check details of this project

15. Smart Trashcan using IoT

In developing countries, flooding trash containers is a major problem which needs to be resolved for better lifestyles. In this IoT project, you will develop a device which will give information about the amount of trash in the container. A sensor is placed in the trashcan to perform this task. Arduino is used for processing the data collected by the sensor and Wi-Fi module is used to transfer the data. Based on the collected information the user gets notified to change the trash can.

Check details of smart trash can using IoT project

16. IoT based Intelligent Transportation system

In this IoT project, you will develop a system using IoT which will give information about location, number of passengers in the vehicle and time of arrival at the boarding station. The system contains sensors like humidity sensor, GSM, GPS, and Wi-Fi module. All the sensors are interconnected to perform the desired function.

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17. IoT based Biometric Implementation on ECG

The biometric authentication system is widely used in various fields for a security mechanism. Biometrics refers to the programmed recognizable proof of a living individual depending on physiological or social qualities for confirmation purposes. In this IoT project, you will develop a system which gives access based on ECG. Electro Cardio-gram signals are unique for human beings which can be used for authentication instead of fingerprints which could be taken easily from the glasses, tables, doors that we contacted.

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18. IoT Based Dam Water Monitoring

Floods are very common during rainy seasons, but it will lead to disaster if it crosses the limit. In this IoT project, you will develop a water monitoring system based on IoT. The water level of the dam is detected using the moisture sensor. If the percentage of the moisture exceeds certain level, the dam gates will be opened automatically and notified via SMS to the nearby localities. This can be achieved by interfacing the sensor and Wi-Fi module with Arduino.

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19. IoT Pet Feeder

In this IoT project, you will build an automated Pet feeder system. It will be very helpful for pet owners to take care of their pets when they are not at home. The feeding amount of food and water can be controlled using PIR sensors, Servo Motors and Mass flow sensors. All the sensors are interfaced with Arduino to perform the desired task.

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Hope you got good information about IoT (Internet of Things) and various innovative projects that you can build on IoT.

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We hope you will develop the skills on IoT and build a successful career in IoT.


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Top 20 IoT Projects for Engineering Students
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